About Big Picture

 Big Picture Director, Becky Popelka

Big Picture Director, Becky Popelka

Hello Friends!

Big Picture Gallery and Studio is owned by and under the direction of Ms. Becky Popelka. Ms. Popelka realized she was passionate about the visual arts as an undergraduate student at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa. After obtaining a degree in visual art and art education, she taught for one-year abroad in Cairo, Egypt followed by two-years of teaching k-8th grade art and coordinating the 5th- 8th grade Talented & Gifted program at Clayton Ridge School District in NE Iowa. From 2008-2011 Ms. Popelka studied graphic design at Iowa State University, earning her MFA and teaching college level design technology courses. Ms. Popelka settled in Iowa City in 2011 and spent the last six years teaching art at Regina Catholic Education Center as well as teaching art education courses at the University of Iowa.

A note from the Owner/Director:

I could not be more thrilled about starting Big Picture Gallery and Studio! Owning my own art school and gallery has been a dream of mine since I was an undergraduate student. Through Big Picture I hope to make the arts more accessible to my community. I seek to create a welcoming work and play space that is filled with joy, excitment and wonder. The arts bring such a vibrancy and richness to our lives and my vision for Big Picture is to facilitate and inspire creative expression for our patrons and students. The Gallery enchances the Studio/School, offering a place for local artists to exhibit  works for sale, gain exposure, and influence budding artists. Come visit us and get your art on!


"I am seeking, I am striving. I am in it with all my heart."

-Vincent van Gogh