Private Lessons 

Private Lessons at Big Picture are a great way to learn and improve upon both technique and artistry. During a private lesson the student has the undivided attention of Master Teacher and Studio Director, Ms. Becky Popelka. Ms. Popelka has ten years of teaching experience, a Master of Fine Arts Degree, teaches Art Education courses at the University and holds a Master Teaching License in the state of Iowa. Private lessons at Big Picture are tailored to the needs of the student. Students can choose to focus on specific media, such as paint or ceramic sculpture, or broad range of media and processes. Parents and Students will work directly with Ms. Popelka to determine the course of study.

Private lessons can be purchased in packages of four and cost $40 an hour, including all supplies needed. After booking lessons payment arrangements will be made with the studio and cash, checks or cards are all accepted. 

If you are interested in booking private lessons, please email the studio director at: