Birthday Party Packages

Host your next birthday party at Big Picture Young Artists Studios! We have two packages to choose from which are listed below. To book a birthday party, please fill out the booking form linked directly beneath, or call the studio at 319-343-7240. Studio Director, Ms. Becky Popelka can work with you to customize your party to a particular theme, or provide you with a variety of options to choose from. Birthday parties are normally booked for two hour blocks and you are welcome to bring decorations and refreshments to the studio! Guests participating in the art-making portion of the party must be at least 3 years old and all 3 and 4 year olds should be accompanied by an adult who can assist them if needed. If you have questions before booking, please call 319-343-7240 or email:

Romero Britto Inspired Pop Art

Romero Britto Inspired Pop Art

Canvas Painting Party

Children have a blast creating original paintings with the guidance of an art expert! Pick from a variety of painting projects, or have a painting project specially designed to fit the theme of your party. Each participant will be provided with a canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, an easel and an apron. Please have party guests wear "art clothes" (something that can get a little messy just in case). 


Canvas Painting Parites are priced as follows:

11 x 14 Canvas: $150 base fee, $6 per participant for supplies

16 x 20 Canvas: $150 base, $8 per participant for supplies

Clay Coil Pots

Clay Creation Party

Working with clay is a highly rewarding experience for children and encourages exploration and experimentation! Pick from a variety of clay projects or have a clay project specially designed for your parties theme. To see the clay projects that are currently available, click on the "clay projects" link below. Party guests will be guided by an art expert in sculpting the selected project. Each participant will be provided with clay, tools and an apron. Please have the party guests wear "art clothes" (something that can get a little messy just in case). The ceramic sculptures will then need to be fired in the kiln. Because clay takes a week to fully dry, projects will be ready for pick up two weeks after the party date. Party guests can paint their clay creations at home, or arrange a time to come in and paint their project at the studio for a $5 fee.

Clay Creation Parties are priced as follows:

$150 Base Fee, $10 per participant for supplies.


In case of instrutor illness or other emergency, we can offer you two solutions.  We can try to find a qualified substitute to lead the party, or we can reschedule for a later date.  In either case, we will offer the party for 50% off the original total cost.