Any of our ceramics projects can be done as either a Creative Clay Party or a Beautiful Bisque Party. If Creative Clay is selected the participants will be sculpting with wet clay. The project will then be fired and will be available for pick up two weeks after the party. If Beautiful Bisque is selected, the projects will be pre-made and fired by artist and studio director, Becky Popelka. Participants will get to paint the bisqueware in colors and designs of their choosing. 

Choose from one of the projects on this page, or request a custom project design in our booking form!



Coil Pot Characters



Clay Monsters

Clay Junk Food                                                                                                                                       (For this option please choose one type of food: Hamburger, Fries, Donuts, Ice Cream, Soda/Shake)

In case of instrutor illness or other emergency, we can offer you two solutions.  We can try to find a qualified substitute to lead the party, or we can reschedule for a later date.  In either case, we will offer the party for 50% off the original total cost.

Flowers and Vase



Clay Sea Creatures

Clay Heads